3MPI staff Nax

Hasiniaina Razafinjato

Exposition de la Bible

Mr. Narindra Hasiniaina RAZAFINJATO serves within the Bible exposition department of the 3M Preaching Institute. His main focus in ministry is first and foremost to become a husband and a father after God’s own heart within his family. He also preaches in many churches under the Ankadivato Biblical Baptist Church coordination, including FBB Ambohimanambola and the Children’s Club in Carion Antananarivo. In his local church, Ankadivato Biblical Baptist Church, he is a Sunday School coordinator, preaching at various occasions and doing language interpreting as well (mainly in Malagasy and English). He holds a Bachelor of Theology (BTh) that he obtained from Christ Seminary (South Africa) in 2022. He is currently pursuing his Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Theology at SATS (South African Theological Seminary), wherein his work and research is axed on biblical counselling and the Malagasy customs.

Before his call to ministry, Narindra graduated from INSCAE and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management (DSSAE) and a Master’s Degree in Marketing (MMS) from INSCAE and IAE Poitiers. Narindra loves reading and teaching.

He teaches the Word of God especially to men and young people. During his free time he likes to spend time with his wife, playing instruments and singing with his child. Narindra lives in Madagascar with his wife Anri and his daughter Luna.


  • PhD in process, SATS
  • B.Th. 2022 , Christ Seminary