Oliva Randrianarijaona

3MPI Oliva

Oliva Randrianarijaona

3M Administrative and Finance Manager


At the age of 14, I received Jesus as my Lord and Savior. Before that, I just went to church because my parents were Christians. I did what good boys do and attended Sunday school because everyone else attended.

After my conversion in 2009, I started to grow and to get more involved in my church in Diego Suarez (FJKM). After high school, I chose to study Sociology at the University of Ankatso in Antananarivo and, in 2019, I was convinced that I needed to be baptized thus asked my spiritual mentor to baptize me.

I started to serve in the worship and sports ministries of my church FJKM Zoara fanantenana Ambohipo and, since 2021, I joined Madagascar 3M.

This ministry has helped me grow spiritually and develop in many other areas, and I thank the Lord daily for this blessing.

I got married to Sarobidy in December 2022 and now attend and serve the Lord at the Biblical Baptist Church of Andavamamba with my wife.  

It is a grace of God and a pleasure for me to be part of the 3M team as the Corporate Administrative and Finance Manager.