Diploma in Expository Preaching

Diploma in Expository Preaching (DEP)

The Program Information Summary below lists the program credit hours, the program overview, the program’s purpose and target audience, the Program-level Learning Outcomes (PLOs), the student entrance requirements, and the required courses.

Madagascar 3M Preaching Institute
Diploma in Expository Preaching (DEP)
Program Information Summary
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  • Credit Units24 units
  • Estimated Completion Time10 months
  • Instructional LanguageMalagasy
  • Program formatResidential
Description of Program Purpose & Intended Audience

Program Overview

The Diploma in Expository Preaching (DEP) Certified Academic Program (CAP) is a one-year residential program consisting of three trimesters of intense study taught at the undergraduate-level. Each trimester consists of three 10-week courses. This program is structured as a stacked program that is built on the foundation provided by the Biblical Studies Certificate (BSC) program.

Purpose: The primary purpose of the DEP CAP is to develop the student’s ability to accurately analyze and interpret the New and Old Testament from the Malagasy language of the biblical text, and to strengthen their ability to effectively prepare and preach expository-based messages. At the same time, the DEP program aims to bolster the student’s convictions on core doctrines of the Christian faith and provide training in counseling others from the Bible.

Target: Men who are aspiring to or actively involved in pastoral leadership roles in local church ministries, whether ordained pastors, church planters, Sunday school teachers, missionaries, or Bible study leaders.

Program-level Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

  • PLO 1Demonstrate a broad foundational working knowledge of the Old and New Testaments.
  • PLO 2Articulate with biblical support the major doctrines of the Christian church.
  • PLO 3Demonstrate application of biblical knowledge and principles in various contexts (e.g., the church, his own personal life, family, and society).
  • PLO 4Analyze and interpret Old and New Testament genre using the literal grammatical historical method.
  • PLO 5Prepare and deliver expository sermons in the most common biblical genres.
  • PLO 6Demonstrate the ability to effectively shepherd individual believers.

Student Entrance Requirements

  • Applicant must pass the Biblical Studies Certificate (BSC) Program Exam.
  • Student application forms which include copies of any prior diplomas received, a written testimony, two recommendation forms, and, if applicable, spouse’s form evaluating applicant’s character.
  • Must be an active serving member of a local church.

Listing of Program Requirements

DEP Application Procedures

Please refer to the “Student Application for Admission” form for details regarding the application procedures, deadlines, and requirements.

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Diploma in Expository Preaching

Madagascar 3M Preaching Institute
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